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We to save you money

Market1 is an industry leader in analytical systems which are implemented in the telecommunications industry, helping businesses have their communication needs reviewed and in most cases brought back to a fair price in todays market.

REAL Savings

Our reccomendations are based on REAL savings to you, with no hidden agendas or ‘catch’.

Unbeatable Network

Market1 is partnered with some of the greatest analytical individuals and businesses in Australia

Only the Best Technology

Our systems are as up to date with todays information and technology to help us identify more businesses who are not paying a fair price for their telecommunication needs.

MRKT A7 Check

The first product which has been rolled out for use in the public arena is the MRKT A7 Check.

The A7 check as it’s also known analyses a large pool of publicly available data, and makes a prediction with a very high level of accuracy as to what businesses are not paying what is considered a fair price for their services, and also an estimate of what percentage they could be ‘over charged’ by.

Experienced Team of Specialists

The team responsible for the creation and implementation of the MRKT A7 Check have many years experience in the development of automated trading and analytical systems in the financial markets.

This experience has led to a team of individuals with an unrivalled track record in the financial services industry applying their knowledge, analytical expertise and experience into developing one of the most effective and valuable systems to businesses in Australia.

Customer Focus

Before the A7 Check has been made available to the public,

businesses would need to spend countless amounts of time shopping around with different providers to try and determine if what they are paying is a fair price, or if they can have the same services for a lower price. With the rollout of the MRKT A7 Check, now businesses can with no effort know with a high level of accuracy exactly where they stand in the marketplace, and be provided a report to exactly what they can do to have their exact same services, for a much lower rate.

Ive Been Contacted About Potential Overcharging

If you have received a call regarding issues with potential overcharging,

And have received a copy of a document like the one above, then our MRKT A7 has made a prediction that you are not paying a fair price for your telecommunication needs. Based on this information, we have simply given you a call to inform you of the potential issue, and offered to forward you the information.

So What Now?

In the body of the email which contained the A7 Check, we have offered to provide you with a free analysis of your account to confirm our findings. This analysis requires us to view a copy of a phone bill for the last few months, so we can analyse it and let you know exactly where you stand.

If the unlikely scenario occurs whereby you are not being ‘over charged’, we will inform you that you are on the best possible deal for the services that you have.

If on the other hand we confirm what the MRKT A7 has predicted, we will simply let you know the findings, and offer you a recommendation as to what you can do. This recommendation will not be one to change providers, but to instead explore the possibility of changing billing platforms while maintaining the exact same services (with no interruptions whatsoever).

What a lot of business owners don’t understand in today’s market is, it is possible to have a certain companies service (whether it be Telstra, Optus or Vodafone), however pay a lot less by being on a different billing platform.

PLEASE NOTE: Market1 is NOT a Telco, or reseller of any provider’s products. Our recommendation and analysis is not biased towards any particular provider or reseller, and makes all recommendations based on the businesses best interest.

Does This Recommendation Cost Anything?

The recommendation which Market1 provides based on the analysis of your account is completely free and without obligation.

If you decide to keep everything the way it is after we make our recommendation that is entirely up to you. If however you decide to take up any recommendation to change billing platforms to a different company, Market1 can not only take care of the transition in a completely seamless way, but due to the large number of businesses we have helped in this way, can in a lot of cases have your costs reduced a lot further than if you were to approach these companies yourself.

I'm Concerned About Being Potentially Overcharged
I have not been contacted by Market1

If you want us to provide you with a free analysis of your services, please email a copy of your latest phone account to info@market1.net.au along with your contact details, and we will simply inform you of where you stand.